Best Travel Destinations to Take Stunning Photos

Best Travel Destinations to Take Stunning Photos

Photography is a basic activity for every traveler. If you are keen on taking photos for preserving memories or even professional escapades, you should know the best travel destinations for photography. Thanks to the tips and advice from my pal over in Texas named Austin that has owned a repair shop for over 20 yrs that gives him the privilege of travel. Here are some of the best travel destinations giving to me to take stunning photos.


Owing to its small population and scenic landscapes, Norway is no doubt one of the top travel destinations where you can take amazing photos. The capital, Oslo, is home to a beautiful display of its famous maritime culture. It also has the world’s deepest fjords, spectacular glaciers and mountains. Norway is also sprawling with several historic cities with intriguing architecture.


Dubai is one of the fast rising cities in the world that now attracts millions of visitors from across the globe. Once a desert, the city has steadily risen to become a haven for rich urban developments. Dubai is home to outstanding architecture and structures that provide an incredible platform for stunning photo shoots.


Vermont has a magical flair that makes it a one of a kind destination for travel photography. It is dotted with numerous visually stunning structures that have been featured in most famous photos across the world. It comprises of a beautiful blend of the old world with the new age as exhibited by its scenic landscapes and infrastructure.


Although it was the center for one of the bloodiest wars in history, Croatia is now one of the most beautiful places in the world. It comprises of more than a thousand Mediterranean islands, Gothic and Renaissance era structures. Coupled with its vibrant towns, you will truly love taking photos in Croatia.

In addition to these destinations, other incredible travel destinations where you can take stunning photos include Hawaii, Great Barrier Reef, Southeast China, Borneo, Iceland and Southern Brazil. Whether you want to take photos to remember the experiences or enlighten other travelers, these destinations are a must visit.


Tips for Meeting New People When Traveling Alone

Some people find solo travel challenging. That’s because they have to decide on transportation and select accommodation. They also have to work with different currencies and navigate their way around new places. Such activities can be very exhausting for some individuals. Figuring out how to meet new people while traveling alone can make a trip more enjoyable. That’s because it provides some company. Here’s how to meet unique individuals when traveling solo.

Stay in Hostels 

Hostels enable travelers to mingle and know each other. And you can find many hostels around the world when traveling alone. Although you can stay in any hostel, a small independent hostel is the best. But some large hostels provide social nights. Thus, you can meet and interact with such people during social nights. That way, you can start conversations with such people and form friendships that might last a lifetime.

Go to the Bars 

Not everybody dares to go to a bar alone. Some can go to a restaurant but not a bar. However, bars provide good places to meet new people when traveling alone. That’s because you can walk in and order your drinks while having a conversation with the barman. If nervous, go to the bar early to avoid walking into a fully packed place.

Go on Walking Tours 

In addition to being free, walking tours enable solo travelers to meet and mingle with new people. Even when unable to approach other travelers, you will have somebody ready to start talking to you. And in the end, you will become friends that can sit somewhere and have some quality moments for hours.

Use Public Transport 

When traveling on a train or bus, you can quickly start a conversation with the person seated next to you. And your discussion can lead to a friendship that will last for years.

Traveling alone doesn’t mean spending all your time alone during the trip. It can be an excellent opportunity to interact with strangers and form friendships that will last for years. Follow these tips to meet new people and befriend them when traveling solo.

Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Smiling woman taking self-portrait with digital camera below Big Ben clocktower

Most solo female travelers are concerned about their safety. Although this is a valid concern, it should not hinder you from traveling alone. Here are safety tips that every solo female traveler should consider when going on a trip to protect herself. 

Exercising Hotel Safety 

When checking in at a hotel, consider a room next to the elevator. That way, you won’t have to walk a long distance to your room. This is very important, especially if the hallway is poorly lit. When it comes to filling out the guest registration form, use the first initial rather than your name. Don’t include Mrs. or Miss in the forms. What’s more, ensure that the clerk doesn’t say out loud your room number. That way, the people in the vicinity won’t know much about you. 

Blend in With the Right Clothing 

Dress conservatively to blend in. Dressing like the other women at your travel destination will enable you to avoid unwanted attention. This doesn’t mean you have to put on traditional dresses. However, you should dress modestly. If you want to wear a skit, make sure that it reaches to your knees or even longer. Bare shoulders, arms, and legs may be risqué in some places. Therefore, take your time to research carefully before traveling to know the best ways to blend in. 

Know When to Make Friendships 

Having company can make you feel safer. It can also make your travel experience more enjoyable. However, you should not go befriending every stranger you come across. Instead, make friends when relaxing in a hostel or a hotel balcony. These are some of the best places to meet like-minded travelers. You can find women-only waiting rooms or sections in train stations. These are also good places to meet new people and befriend them. 

When traveling alone, your safety is largely your responsibility. Follow these safety tips to ensure your safety when traveling alone. 

How to Make Planning a Business Trip Easier

Any regular traveler knows the importance of planning a business trip properly. From the details of bookings to packing, a business traveler should focus on making the trip smooth and comfortable. Luckily, technology can help in the organization of a business trip. Essentially, technology has made communication between service providers and customers, as well as, suppliers and colleagues easier. However, this can’t substitute face-to-face meetings. That’s why people continue to travel for business. 

Business travel can be hectic. However, it can be less hassle if you plan your trip properly. Proper planning can even make your business trip enjoyable. Here are some of the ways to make planning a business trip easier. 

Hire Somebody to Manage Your Business Travels

If you have a tight schedule, hire somebody else to handle your business trip planning. This should be a professional that will organize your trip and handle the bookings properly. That way, you will avoid wasting time trying to do everything alone. Ideally, choose a person that you can call at any time to inquire about the plan. 

Be Flexible 

It’s easy to want things to go in a certain way when traveling for business. However, this shouldn’t make you a rigid traveler. If you have options, consider them. For instance, if you get a chance to extend your stay and explore the destination further, don’t hesitate to take it. This will enable you to see things and interact with the locals after the business conference. That way, you will save the money you would spend on the fare in case you decide to visit the same location for leisure in the future. 

Create a Clear Itinerary 

Come up with a clear itinerary. This should cover your flight, transfers, meeting details, and accommodation. It should show where you will go and the things you will do. Share your itinerary with people that can help you in case you get in trouble. 

It’s also important to set priorities. This means your business reasons for traveling should come first. Additionally, focus on making your trip comfortable and enjoyable despite the business challenges you’re likely to face.

How to Travel with Your Pet

When planning to take a trip with your pet, there are several things to consider for safe and smooth adventures. The most common types of pets that many people travel with today include dogs and cats. Nevertheless, the following are some of the essentials for traveling with pets. 

Health Check-ups 

For your pet to enjoy the trip, it must be in a proper state of health. Besides, it is a requirement that you must have valid health certificates for pets when traveling abroad. As such, you should visit the vet to examine the health of the pet and issue certificates for travel. The vet may also suggest additional measures like vaccines and medications to ensure the health of the pet on the road. 

Pet Training 

The most important element in traveling with pets is making sure that they are ready for travel. Most pets are not accustomed to traveling and require proper preparations for such adventures. Depending on the intended means of travel, it is advisable to hire a trainer or do independently train the pet on how to travel on a plane, bus, car or train. 

Pet Carrier or Crate 

Whether you are traveling on a plane or by car, you will always need a crate or pet carrier to shelter the pet. The right crate or carrier should be durable, safe and spacious enough to comfortably house the pet. When buying the crate, you should also consider the available space on the plane or in the car. 

Pet Food 

Keeping your pet satisfied is one way to ensure they remain calm and happy during the trip. Thus, it is important to carry enough pet food, snacks, and water for the trip. The supplies may be available on the road but, you may not readily get the desired brands for your pet. 

Whether you are planning a long haul trip abroad or short road trip with your pet, the above guidelines will help you ensure safe and enjoyable adventures. If you are traveling internationally, it is also advisable to also check your airline’s policy for pets.