Best Travel Destinations to Take Stunning Photos

Best Travel Destinations to Take Stunning Photos

Photography is a basic activity for every traveler. If you are keen on taking photos for preserving memories or even professional escapades, you should know the best travel destinations for photography. Thanks to the tips and advice from my pal over in Texas named Austin that has owned a repair shop for over 20 yrs that gives him the privilege of travel. Here are some of the best travel destinations giving to me to take stunning photos.


Owing to its small population and scenic landscapes, Norway is no doubt one of the top travel destinations where you can take amazing photos. The capital, Oslo, is home to a beautiful display of its famous maritime culture. It also has the world’s deepest fjords, spectacular glaciers and mountains. Norway is also sprawling with several historic cities with intriguing architecture.


Dubai is one of the fast rising cities in the world that now attracts millions of visitors from across the globe. Once a desert, the city has steadily risen to become a haven for rich urban developments. Dubai is home to outstanding architecture and structures that provide an incredible platform for stunning photo shoots.


Vermont has a magical flair that makes it a one of a kind destination for travel photography. It is dotted with numerous visually stunning structures that have been featured in most famous photos across the world. It comprises of a beautiful blend of the old world with the new age as exhibited by its scenic landscapes and infrastructure.


Although it was the center for one of the bloodiest wars in history, Croatia is now one of the most beautiful places in the world. It comprises of more than a thousand Mediterranean islands, Gothic and Renaissance era structures. Coupled with its vibrant towns, you will truly love taking photos in Croatia.

In addition to these destinations, other incredible travel destinations where you can take stunning photos include Hawaii, Great Barrier Reef, Southeast China, Borneo, Iceland and Southern Brazil. Whether you want to take photos to remember the experiences or enlighten other travelers, these destinations are a must visit.


Holiday Travel Tips- Make Your Festive Season Less Stressful

Traveling around the holidays typically entails visiting family or taking a trip to your favorite vacation spot to ring in the New Year in style, which is undoubtedly joyful. However, the sheer volume of travelers makes for a stressful journey through airports, train stations, and on the road; hence, following 15-holiday travel recommendations will contribute to a happier season.

Be Flexible with Dates

Your holiday plans could benefit significantly from some flexibility. Being able to depart for your trip a day or two earlier and arrive at your destination a day before or late helps you save a lot on a ticket because you have more freedom to choose a less busy day to fly. By selecting a neighboring smaller airport over a significant hub, you can further reduce your travel expenses. Smaller airports typically have lower prices since there is less demand.

Register for Points

The holidays allow you to redeem your accumulated credit card points all year. Utilize them immediately to reduce the pinch this year on your holiday travel expenses.

Schedule Direct Flights

As winter approaches, expect delays and snowstorms, which is typically an erratic season. Always schedule direct flights to reduce the likelihood that you will miss a connection. And if you’re close enough to your destination, consider taking a train or bus instead of a plane.

Only Bring Carry-On Bags

It can be distressing to lose a checked bag that contains all the gifts you painstakingly bought for your nieces, nephews, uncles, grandparents, and more. Therefore, you should only bring a carry-on to lessen the likelihood that you would misplace anything. Additionally, since you won’t have to wait for an eternity at the baggage carousel, you can exit the airport more quickly.


This safety travel advice will enable you to enjoy your trip more and travel less stressfully. Utilize these on your upcoming vacation, and you’ll see a difference.

The extent of the Covid-19 Pandemic Effects on the Travel Sector

COVID-19 has hit the travel sector hard. At the pandemic’s peak, the industry almost came to a standstill. Many businesses operating in the industry have had to cut down on their operations or shut down completely. You would not want to continue working as usual when the demand has declined significantly to avoid losses as a business owner.

Business Scale Down 

In an attempt to sustain their operations, many businesses in the travel sector have had to review their cost structures. Many companies have reduced their workforces to align with the reduced demand for labor. Losing experienced and committed employees is not easy when you initially competed for them.

The travel sector has also experienced significant economic losses with the reduced operations. As a travel agency that served at least 5,000 clients every month before the Covid-19 pandemic, being unable to get even half of that clientele under the Covid-19 pandemic means you suffer significant declines in terms of revenues and profit.

While the income levels in the travel sector have declined significantly, the situation is made worse by increased expenses related to the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, operators of travel companies had to introduce Covid-19 screening services, including purchasing new gadgets and employing people to do the screening.

Shutting Down 

Depending on the extent of the adverse impacts of Covid-19 and other relevant factors, some companies offering travel services have had to shut down. As an entrepreneur, you would not continue operating an unprofitable business and incurs losses. As more businesses shut down, the sector continues to shrink.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, the intensity of the pandemic has varied globally. If you operate a travel agency in a country like China that has introduced very stringent lockdown rules, you will incur more severe impacts.

The Future 

The future seems bright for the sector as more people receive the Covid-19 vaccine and more countries loosen their travel restrictions. Many experts are optimistic that normalcy will resume as nations open their borders to visitors. 

How Traveling Can Shape Your Personality

Most people love traveling because it creates smiles and beautiful memories. And this activity affects everyone differently. However, traveling can shape personality in several ways. Here’s how this activity can mold your character.

Travel Can Empower You

When you travel, you encounter many challenges along the way. Overcoming these hurdles teaches you to conquer and combat your fears. Thus, you develop a better and stronger personality when traveling than when staying at home. And this boosts your self-esteem and confidence to take on more life challenges.

Traveling Teaches You Money Management Skills

Travel can draw a learning curve that teaches you to manage your budget. Most people start saving money for a trip long before their travel time. But traveling comes with many expenses that can eat up all your savings. When you travel, you learn to manage your limited resources. Also, you know to spend more money on experiences instead of material things. Ideally, travel makes you value experiences instead of materialistic offerings.

Travel Makes You a Better Decision-Maker and Planner

Traveling requires careful planning to spend time and money wisely. Without proper planning, you could spend all your time in a single location at your travel destination. In some cases, you will face situations requiring you to make immediate decisions. And you won’t have somebody to consult before doing it. However, this will boost your planning and decision-making skills.

Travel Makes You More Patient

When traveling, you may face situations that will derail your plans while others push you to exceed your comfort zone. For instance, you may have to wait in a queue for a security or baggage check. You might also wait for a chef to prepare your meal at a restaurant. Such situations may derail your plans, but they will teach you to be patient.

Traveling can also make you an enjoyable, more approachable, and humane person. If looking for ways to improve your personality, consider traveling more often.

Tips for Meeting New People When Traveling Alone

Some people find solo travel challenging. That’s because they have to decide on transportation and select accommodation. They also have to work with different currencies and navigate their way around new places. Such activities can be very exhausting for some individuals. Figuring out how to meet new people while traveling alone can make a trip more enjoyable. That’s because it provides some company. Here’s how to meet unique individuals when traveling solo.

Stay in Hostels 

Hostels enable travelers to mingle and know each other. And you can find many hostels around the world when traveling alone. Although you can stay in any hostel, a small independent hostel is the best. But some large hostels provide social nights. Thus, you can meet and interact with such people during social nights. That way, you can start conversations with such people and form friendships that might last a lifetime.

Go to the Bars 

Not everybody dares to go to a bar alone. Some can go to a restaurant but not a bar. However, bars provide good places to meet new people when traveling alone. That’s because you can walk in and order your drinks while having a conversation with the barman. If nervous, go to the bar early to avoid walking into a fully packed place.

Go on Walking Tours 

In addition to being free, walking tours enable solo travelers to meet and mingle with new people. Even when unable to approach other travelers, you will have somebody ready to start talking to you. And in the end, you will become friends that can sit somewhere and have some quality moments for hours.

Use Public Transport 

When traveling on a train or bus, you can quickly start a conversation with the person seated next to you. And your discussion can lead to a friendship that will last for years.

Traveling alone doesn’t mean spending all your time alone during the trip. It can be an excellent opportunity to interact with strangers and form friendships that will last for years. Follow these tips to meet new people and befriend them when traveling solo.