Cities to See For the Least Amount of Money

Cities to See For the Least Amount of Money

There are many cities around the world that you can visit for unique travel experiences without spending huge sums of money. However, finding the cheapest cities to visit can still be challenging to some travelers. Here are some of the cities to see for the least amount of money.

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is a lively city with beautiful sceneries, a modern port and several attractions that will make your trip worthwhile. This city is sprawling with several historic structures like the huge Mosque of Hassan II and the Royal Palace. If you are a coffee lover, there are many cafés across the street. These serve dark coffee in tiny glasses. While in the city, remember to take a stroll down to the central market.

Manila, Philippines

Found in South East Asia, the city of Manila offers endless opportunities, especially for cultural travelers. This city has several attractions most of which you can see for free or at very low rates. Food prices are quite cheap and there are many cuisines that you can sample while in this city. What’s more, you also find many mid priced hotels that offer cheap accommodation.

Bangkok, Thailand

Considered one of the greatest cities in the world, Bangkok is a true bargain for budget travelers. Apart from the cheap flights to the city, almost everything is low priced in Bangkok, Thailand. The city is lined up with lots of eateries that serve fresh dishes at very cheap prices all day and night. Transport is also cheap and most of the attractions are either free or they charge very little. The key attractions in Bangkok, Thailand include Dusit Palace Park, Reclining Buddha, and the National Museum.

Dubai, UAE

Dubai has been described as an expensive city by most travelers. Its rapid growth has impacted the rise of new modern hotels and restaurants for travelers on limited budgets. Food is fairly priced. What’s more, there are vast options for travelers that want to experience the beauty of this city to consider. Dubai is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa. It also has several attractions like indoor skiing and the Dubai Museum. However, you should avoid visiting this city in January and December because these are the peak seasons.

Other cities that you can see for the least amount of money include Cairo, Amsterdam, Tel Aviv, Dublin, Nairobi, Singapore, Panama City, Cape Town, Caracas and Warsaw.